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Crépe &


French Toast

& Waffle



Pizza &


Ice Cream


& Salad




Mediterranean Breakfast  65sr

Omelet with pepperoni, Labna, olives, vegitables, orange juice, and tea or coffee


American Breakfast  85sr

Mixed pastries with orange juice, and tea or coffee


English Breakfast  65sr

Two eggs your style with sausage, potato, orange juice, and tea or coffee


SOLO Breakfast  75sr

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, croissant, cheese, fruits, orange juice, and tea or coffee


Continental Breakfast  55sr

Mixed pastries with orange juice, and tea or coffee


Sweet Yogurt with Fruits  30sr


Cheese Plater  35sr

Eggs Benedict with Salmon & Spinach  50sr


Two Eggs your Style with Sausage & Potato  45sr


Scrambled Egg with Leek  35sr


Spanish Tortilla  35sr


Chicken Fajita Omelet  40sr


Salmon Omelet  50sr


Pepperoni Omelet  45sr


Turkey Omelet  45sr


Omelet with Spinach & Mushroom  40sr


Vegetable Omelet  40sr


Chocolate Crêpe  40sr


Caramel & Banana Crêpe  40sr


Fruit & Honey Crêpe  45sr


Fruit & Chocolate Crêpe  45sr

Tuna & Cheese Crêpe 


Salmon & Spinach Crêpe  45sr


Chicken & Mushroom Crêpe  40sr


Cheese Pancake with Strawberry  40sr


Pancake with Fruits & Mascarpone  45sr


Caramel latte Pancake  40sr


Cookies Pancake  40sr

Double Chocolate Pancake 

French Toast

French Toast with Fruits  45sr


French Toast with Cookies & Raspberry  45sr


French Toast with Berries & Mascarpone  45sr


Waffle with Cinnamon & Apple  40sr


Waffle with Caramel & Banana  40sr


Waffle with Fruit & Chocolate  45sr


Waffle with Fruit & Mascarpone  45sr


Waffle with Ice Cream  50sr

French Bread Sandwiches

Roast Beef & Mushroom  45sr

Filet Steak  45sr

Chicken & Turkey  40sr

Club Sandwiches

Club Sandwich  40sr

Chicken Club with Avocado  45sr

Turkey Club  45sr

Salmon Club  50sr

Halomi Club  40sr

Roast Beef Club  45sr

Croissant Sandwiches

Eggs  & Cheese Croissant  30sr

Turkey Croissant  35sr

Roast Beef Croissant  40sr


Salmon with Arugula Wrap  45sr

Tuna Wrap  35sr

Omelet Wrap  30sr

Chicken Wrap  40sr

Classic Burger  40sr

Beef burger with cheese, lettuce, onion, and tomato


Swiss & Mushroom Burger  45sr

Beef burger with Swiss cheese, mushroom, and caramelized onion


Chicken Burger  40sr

Chicken burger with cheese, lettuce, and tomato


Margherita Pizza  40sr

Veggie Pizza  45sr

Four Cheese Pizza  50sr

Crispy Eggplant Pizza  45sr

Pepperoni Pizza  50sr

Sea fruit Pizza  55sr

Salmon Pizza  55sr

Beef Pizza  50sr


Pâte with Chicken & Mushroom  25sr

Pâte with Spinach  20sr

Quiche with Salmon & Broccoli  30sr

Manaqeesh  40sr

Choice of cheese, za'tar, labnah, with honey

Apricot Ice Cream  45sr

Chocolate Ice Cream  45sr

Berries Ice Cream  55sr

Vanilla caramel Ice Cream  45sr

Coffee Ice Cream  45sr


French Onion Soup  45sr

Tomato Soup  35sr

Potato Soup  35sr


Green Salad 30sr

Salmon Salad 45sr

Arugula & Mushroom Salad 45sr

Caesar Salad 55sr

Greek Salad 40sr

Turkey Salad 45sr

Soft Drink  12sr

Mineral / Sparkling Water  S.12sr/L.24sr

Fresh Juice  25sr

Sparkling Juice  S.18sr/L.40sr

Beer  15sr

Saudi Mocktail  15sr


Hot Chocolate  20sr

Strawberry Hot Chocolate  20sr

Chocolate Shot  25sr

Iced Chocolate  25sr

Chocolate Fondue (for two)  85sr


Cookies Shake  35sr

Strawberry & Jelly Shake  35sr

Chocolate Shake  35sr

Oreo Shake  35sr

Strawberry Cheesecake Shake  35sr

Vanilla Shake  35sr

Iced Caramel Shake  35sr


Pina Colada  33s

Pineapple and coconut cream

Strawberry Pina Colada  36sr

Strawberry, pineapple and coconut cream

Blue Skies  33sr

Pineapple, coconut cream, peach syrup and blue curacao

Saudi Mocktail  25sr

Banana Berry Freeze  33sr

Pineapple, coconut cream, strawberry and banana

Mojito  25sr

Mint and lime juice / with fruites juice

Sangria  33sr

Apple, pineapple and cranberry juice

Grape Sangria  36sr

Grape, orange and lime juice

Pour Over Coffee  18sr

French Press  15sr

Turkish Coffee  15sr

Espresso Solo/Dopio  12sr/15sr

Long Black  15sr

Coffee Laté  22sr

Cappuccino  18sr

Coffee Mocha  22sr

White Chocolate Mocha  22sr

Pour Over Iced Coffee  18sr

Iced Caramel Macchiato  22sr

Iced Laté  22sr

Iced Vanilla Laté  22sr

Espresso Ice Shake  22sr

Iced Coffee Caramel  25sr

English Breakfast Earl Grey  12sr

Earl Grey  12sr

1001 Night Red  15sr

Moroccan Mint  17sr

China-Yunnan Jasmine  15sr

Peach Iced Tea  15sr

Lemon with Mint Iced Tea  20sr

Cranberry Iced Tea  20sr

Camomile Blossoms  12sr

Cranberry Juice Blend  12sr

Turkish Apple  12sr

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Jeddah, Alrawdah Dist. Abdulmaqsoud Khuja St.


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